Gourmet vinegar : enhance the taste of every dish

The fruit vinegars come from the fermentation of the juice. From the blood oranges of Sicily, from the apples of the “Val di Chiana” valley and from the pomegranates, aromatic vinegars with low acidity are born.

D.O.C.G. Chianti and Chianti Classico aged in oak barrels are the most genuine symbols of the Tuscan tradition.
From the best wine, the best vinegar, with a strong and unmistakable taste. They are precious vinegars, which enhance the taste and enhance each dish.

I started working for our family vinegar business when I was a young man..

The cellar, the fermentation barrels, the aroma of the vinegar, all of this is part of me and defines me. It was my place in the world, it is my place in the memory of the Verdi family. I could tell my life through aromas. My mind preserves them with much more care than it reserves for images, it keeps them as special treasures.
So, through the scents of oranges, of apples, of grape must and the wood of the barrels, my story and my family’s history are drawn. And just like that, I created a journey of new flavors of vinegar. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… ever since I was a child.

Tuscan apple cider vinegar unfiltred

acidity: 5%
The Unfiltered Tuscan Apple Vinegar is produced exclusively with apples from the “Val di Chiana” valley. The juice becomes cider and then, through fermentation, it transforms into vinegar.
Its main feature is very low acidity, which makes it perfect for elegant and refined
dishes. Its flavor is gentle and harmonious, its aroma is round and pleasant.

White wine vinegar

acidity: 7.1%
White Wine Vinegar has a strong personality, with a refined and fresh taste. It has good persistence, an intense flavor and an unmistakable scent. Thanks to the perfect balance of acidity, it enhances the aromas and enriches them with its unique taste. It is part of the Italian gastronomic tradition but it is also a key element of the most innovative cuisines.

Blood orange vinegar

acidità: 5%
Blood Orange Vinegar is the perfect expression of the harmony of flavors. It has a soft and slightly sour taste thanks to the particularly low acidity. The natural and genuine goodness of Sicilian blood orange juice is well perceived. The scent is delicate yet intense, its color is amber, fruity but persistent aroma. It is ideal for
refined preparations and fusion dishes but it is also perfect as an alternative to classic wine vinegar.

Chianti classico wine vinegar

Wine Vinegar aged in oak barrels

acidità: 8.5%
Chianti Classico Wine Vinegar aged in oak barrels is a precious nectar. It comes from the fermentation of Chianti Classico, to which the single-variety Sangiovese gives unique scents and aromas. It is aprestigious vinegar with a strong and persistent taste.The aroma is complex, the acidity perfectly balanced by an intense and floral bouquet. Fermentation in oak barrels enriches it with a spectrum of aromas and makes this vinegar a true ruby.

Chianti wine D.O.C.G. vinegar

acidity: 7.5%
The D.O.C.G. Chianti Wine Vinegar is the purest essence of the Tuscan tradition. Its flavor is strong,intense and aromatic. The acidity is perfectly balanced by the full-bodied taste, sharp and persistent. The precious D.O.C.G. Chianti Wine is transformed to give life to this vinegar, which enhances the aromatic notes of the wine. A few drops are enough to give depth to any dish.

Pome granatevinegar

acidity: 5%
Pomegranate Vinegar has a fruity and sweet and sour taste. The essence of the pomegranate, the unique flavor of its juice, is preserved to its maximum. The fermented juice becomes cider and then it is transformed into this genuine and precious vinegar, which is characterized by the well-known sweet but slightly pungent, full taste and fresh scent. It completes delicate dishes, but pleasantly
contrasts even the strongest and most intense flavors.